Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do I deal with an alcoholic you love?

My boyfriend Justin has finally relized to himself that he is a drunk. Flashback Feb2006, Justin crashed his truck. He got a new one. Sept2006, Justin rolls that even newer truck and damn near kills himself. Drinking is a major part of our social life. Now Justin is on house arrest and cannot obviously go anywhere. Most of the time we watch movies or play games. Its so hard when all of our friends call to invite us to party and we cant go. I say we because i am the only one there to help him through this whole ordeal. Now dont get me wrong, I love my bf but we were the party people. We were the people who were the life of the party. Nobody hates us and it was always fun until Justin got deeper and deeper into the bottle. He is in college and i am not.

How do i deal with my alcoholic boyfriend without throwing away my whole senior year in high school?How do I deal with an alcoholic you love?
stick by him maybe hes going through alot of stuff hey even though you were the life of the party but thell be more and other parties and if u dont drink then u drive him when if he drinks and make sure its drinking around u dont give up on him be strong for him and be his rock thats what a couple does or that what a love so strong doesHow do I deal with an alcoholic you love?
He needs to undergo therapy and you might need to help him. Check out the website below. It's a non-religious recovery group that helps people realistically get over substance abuses.
Drop him. Move on.
find him a new addiction for his drinking time.

Something healthy and outdoors....
Unless he is going to give up the booze,move on I have been with guy's with addiction's and they won't quit for no-one. Tell him straight,the booze or you..I never won over a guy addicted to pot,booze whatever.Don't waste your life on someone who is not going to change,Enjoy yourself while you are young,you go G/F :)
You go to school, you study and you become honest with yourself. You are far too young to begin thinking you can honestly help your bf or assist him. You do not have life lessons yet or mature enough. Nor are you a professional. Being the life of the party is not the answer. Hopefully he does not see his addiction to booze only because of the house arrest. If he is honest within himself he will know that he has to find professional help and stick with the program. Go to school, stay in school and study hard. Appreciate your last year of high school and look forward to your future. You have to do right for yourself first!
I think you should be there for him but you should also go out there and do you and have fun. Don't spend your whole day and everyday being with him. Give your friends some quality time too. Or you could also birng the party to your bf's house if that's allowed but if there is a party happening let it be a clean party no alcohol and play games and watch movies with all ur friends and ur bf. So go out there to senior trips and hang out with ur friends also.
Hi. The best thing for you to do is get in touch with al-anon. It is what they are all about, the family and friends of an alcoholic. They can help you to not enable your boyfriend and get a life for yourself. Good luck!
My dad is an alcoholic, and TRUST me, you do not want to marry one. It will ruin your life, his life, and your kids lives. No matter how much you love him, you will regret it.

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