Monday, December 12, 2011

How do I deal with my father being an alcoholic?

my father has been an alcoholic for 17 years or so..he has never wanted to get help because he saids he does not have a problem..he was never violent with us or my mother but he argues to much specially with me..My mother finally kicked him out of the house 2 days ago but he keeps coming back, i hate that he does not get the picture..Im getting very impatient with him and don't know what to do.How do I deal with my father being an alcoholic?
Take care of your own life. Live your own life. Don't let his choices/addiction alter the course of your own life. Accept the limititations of influence you can have over another human being. Accept him doing what he does and get on with your life.How do I deal with my father being an alcoholic?
try to get help from school talk to your counselor or somebody and maybe they can help you out wit your dad they'll get some detectives or idk thats what they did to my friend her mom got some help wit a friend from work and the cops and took her step dad from the house and he must stay away cuz then they'll arrest him
Love him, for one.

And accept him, despite his flaws.

Maybe, instead of kicking him out, you and your mother could try to get him help. Telling him that he has a problem, isn't enough. You need to make him seek help, find help for him yourself if you have to.

If you don't care enough to help him, maybe he will get on just fine by himself. Sometimes, alcoholics can stop by themselves. My dad did.
He has to admit to himself that he has a problem before he can get any kind of help. Sounds like he doesn't want to change. Your mom did the right thing. I hope she won't let him back in till he gets help.
Talk to your mother about this, and see if she is willing to look into some outside help. It's hard to help an alcoholic, honestly, because once you have that addiction, it takes over your life. Somehow your mother, or you (or anyone else close) need to open up his eyes to what is going on. Are there things that he used to do, that he won't anymore? Specifically hobbies, things he's interested in, spending time with his kid(s) %26amp; wife.

I so hate telling people this, but - it's hard to help someone who isn't willing to help themselves. You all have obviously given him time to get this under control, and now I think it's time for an ultimatum - either straighten up and get help (with your support, of course), or he's going to have to find someplace else to live... I know that sound harsh, but sometimes that's what it takes.

Best of luck to you can be hard.
Hey Zaira

Without sounding cockey, your father having issues with alcohol is not your fault, and it is important to remember that each individual has their own roads to take and journeys to make.

I think what you needc to work out is how best you cope in your own right, and you may consider a whole host of options, but whatever you decide he will still be your father.

Sometimes i think we so want the best for the people we love, that we often forget to let them be their own person, however maybe your mother kicking him out is the tonic he needs, and maybe she allowe it to go on for too long, but as i said we all get there when we will, and this is also true of your mother.

I just hope that it does have a positive ending.

Good luck

Good luck on him stopping on his own, especially if he does not think he has a problem! It's tough having an alcoholic as a parent --- it's like not much of a parent. Counseling is a great idea for you.

One of the problems with having a parent who is an alcoholic is that somehow everything is blamed on them. It's like if they were not there, everything would be okay.

If you've lived with an alcoholic all these years, the whole family is damaged. Talking with others with the same problem could be really helpful.
well there's really nothing you can do he has to make the choice weather to get help

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