Monday, December 12, 2011

How do you deal with an end-stage alcoholic who's neglecting kids?

How do you deal with a relative who is an end-stage alcoholic and you're concerned about her kids(because the older ones call me and other relatives frequently needing to be ';rescued'; when she's too wasted to notice whether they're there while binging for days at a time or acting belligerent, regularly drives drunk with them in the car or has the 14 year old drive, is incapable of maintaining any kind of employment, house stinks of cat urine and dirty baby diapers, baby seems to have unusually excessive diaper rashes, etc.? I thought about contacting CPS but they go there all the time anyway and never do anything, so I figure there's no point. Also the older one has a bunch of issues issues and resents the drinking but also loves his mom and likes that he can get away with murder, so I suspect he would be uncooperative.How do you deal with an end-stage alcoholic who's neglecting kids?
Oh God - get helpHow do you deal with an end-stage alcoholic who's neglecting kids?
have an intervention. go to an AA meeting and find some resources on dealing with this.

continue to contact cps. find a social worker to help you.

find a way to convince her to do the right thing i.e. sobering up, become better involved with the kids, know when to hand them over to a more responsible adult, etc.

talk to a lawyer about becoming the legal guardian of the children. that way you have the rights to them, and they still ';have their mom.';

good luck, you're gonna need it.
You mentioned that the older one calls to get rescued yet wouldn't be co-operative because he gets away with murder? I think you should talk with him and ask him what he wants and remind him he can't have it both ways. Ask him if the ';price'; of needing to be rescued from time to time is worth it for all the leniency. If yes, then he should stop bugging you. If no, then he should agree to some serious intervention. If he agrees he needs intervention, then that will make it a lot easier to get done through CPS or a lawyer.
I would call CPS again and tell them that if they do not do anything then you will go to the media about how they are not doing their job. Usually that will get them of their butts and do something. Is you are any of the relatives are willing to take on any of the kids I would let them know that also. It might make them more willing to do something if they know they will not have to try to find a foster home for them. Also tell them you are going to call everyday if need be til they do something. Call the supervisor not a case worker.

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