Monday, December 12, 2011

How to deal with rude alcoholic father?

My dad gets rude and mean when he is drunk. I am 20 and in college but still have to live with my parents. We just got new neighbors around my age that have a band and they invited me to their house warming party....well I wasn't planning on going and went out elsewher but when I get home he has our new neighbors in his garage and is being super mean and rude to them about their band. I was completly appalled and I told the guys they could leave and walked them back to their house where they told me how he had crashed their party and was being mean to them....and then everyone at the party was like ';oh my god your Johns daughter?'; I was super embarrassed because he always acts like an a** ! I am sooo sick of his behavior this was the final straw!How to deal with rude alcoholic father?
catch hold of him when he's NOT drunk. make him EMOTIONAL about something (every1 has a point). and convence him that we are new generation and we like it this way (things are fortified in brain better in presence of emotions). he was also young once. remember that time and try to understand what we are trying to do.

we DOOOO need to have fun

I LOVE YOU, but what you are doing is embarassing me in front of my friends and say i'm angry with you and wont talk to you if you do this again

best wishes!!How to deal with rude alcoholic father?
there really isnt anything you can do,, my dad is just like that!!for reaaal,

and yeaaa all you can do, that is if you wanna. apologize for his behavior and saaay he can get out of hand sometimes..and simply end it at that.

its embarrassing but it really shouldnt matter, you cant control him):
Tell him he needs help (when he is sober)

Tell him its you or the drink

Tell him its ruining your life make sure he knows what hes doing

if he dont listen 2 you go stay with someone let him drink himself into the ground because its selfish wat hes doin and you shouldnt have to put up with it.

good luck
avoid him
I Don't know man

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