Sunday, November 21, 2010

Any advice on dealing with an alcoholic?

My bf's dad is an alcoholic and hes very selfish. Hes blames his drinking problem on everyone else. He went to rehab and was sober for 3 months but now hes back at it..wakes up starts drinking, drinks all day, passes out, and starts all over the next day...what a life. Hes on antidepressants and its very important not to drink while on those but he doesnt care. He also has heart problems. Im pregnant and he stresses my bf out which in turn stresses me out. How can I deal with the stress that my bf's dad puts on him??Any advice on dealing with an alcoholic?
You have to realize that an alcoholic is an illness. My dad was an alcoholic as I was growing up and he did horrible things. It sometimes takes something bad to make them realize that they need to change. Be careful getting stressed out while you are pregnant I recently lost a baby due to the stress in my life. Just be there as much as you can for your boyfriend. I know its hard but you can't let his dad stress you to bad he is a grown man. Its hard when you love someone and you sit back and watch them drink their life away. You and your b-friend are about to have your own family. Let his dad know that you are there for him and will help him stop drinking. But you refuse to allow him to be a part of this new life as long as he is drinking. I think you should also pray and god to help you and guide you. I'll keep you in my prayers I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a healthy baby.Any advice on dealing with an alcoholic?
Find your nearest Al Anon meeting place and time and take your boyfriend with you. Go as often as you can and put the program (steps) to work in your lives. You can't do anything about the alcoholic - you can only do things for yourself - so get moving.
the only one that can help an alcoholic is them self. my mother was one. drank all the time. picked her booze over her kids and grandkids for many years. sad to say she passed away almost 2 yrs ago. and guess where she died.. behind a bar in the middle of the night. drinking is the devils poison. and it is passed down. u need to be more worried about ur husband. cause its in his genes he can pick up the habbit easy. i have 2 brothers and then theirs me. i have a bro that drinks like a fish now even though he watched his mother die from it. good luck
If you can get away from the dad, DO IT. Alcoholism is a very sad disease. It is hard for the person to see what his is doing to everyone else because he is under an influence. There is nothing you can do but if you get away, it might be a wake-up call for him to think about changing his life. Alcohol is a depressant and the anti-depressants will not help while he's drinking. I hope your bf sees that alcohol in that amount ruins lives and he doesn't start drinking because he may become addicted. Good Luck. You and your BF may want to attend an AA meeting to see if they give you any advice on helping him, again.
You should BOTH check out an alanon meeting, no one can change him but you can learn to deal.
I would keep my distance. You don't need that kind of stress. I think your boyfriend needs to put his foot down, and tell his father to back off. He obviously likes being drunk so let him be. you can only help the ones who are willing to help themselves.
i live with my wifes father who use to drink big time alcoholic.

today for years he stopped,, go's to AA which really dont help anyone, as it becomes mental... as new stidies are showing today...

He is an odd ball,,, you can tell him truth, he dont care, its his way or no way...

see its a mental thing now,, AA cant stop it.. We see it as this, they fight to not drink,, and the mental state is screwed up they think AA is helping them, but they cant stop the mental part it never go's away,, thats why so many in AA go back to drinking or seek other help....

either way he wont change as he cant.. they lost sense!

ever notice this with people who abuse alcohol,, they cant act right and the sense is dim..........

sorry guys who read this.. its true as studies show! ill
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