Friday, November 19, 2010

How do I deal with an alcoholic bf?

I am having dilemma on what to do with my relationship.

Me and my bf have been living together for 4 years now. Things got worse recently when he has gotten into a big fight. Not entirely his fault but he almost got killed that night (thanks to his big mouth with another drunk man at the bar).

He used to be fun, energetic and nice with people around him but now he is becoming spiteful, grumpy, less energetic, defensive, moody and often made people around him uncomfortable every time we went out.

Recently we get to know this nice girl ( from another bar who used to serve for us). However, for the past few nights ever time he drinks, he would take the effort to look after her and invite her to join us after dinner. Normally he will start drinking after 6 pm and will drink up to 8-10 glasses of gin and tonic every night until he doesn't make sense and start making me upset. My bf claims they are just drinking buddies (of course while sober the next morning). I have tried to bring him to talk about it over but he said I am just being insecure, jealous and childish over that girl.

Every now and then we end up not talking to each other in the morning because he often refuses to discuss things and keep claiming I am overacting. People around the neighborhood have started to talk behind our back and I am starting to become sad, angry, clueless and numb. Tonight, I feel like he is going to hit me or throw me out from the house because I just told him that I am not feeling comfortable. I am scared.

What should I do? Does he really has alcoholic problem? Does he really choose to drink to make me go away (escapism?)

Please have your say. I dont know what to do..How do I deal with an alcoholic bf?
Looks pretty much to me like he is just using you babe , he is in love with the booze and you are just a convienient girl for him to have around. On top of that he is openly chatting up this other girl in front of you , time to pack your bags and move out. Find a guy who put you first instead of third.
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