Friday, November 19, 2010

How do you deal with an alcoholic mother that seems to almost hate you?

Just wonderin'...How do you deal with an alcoholic mother that seems to almost hate you?
Talk to your mother when she is sober. Tell her how much her drinking is hurting you. Plead with her to stop. Get rid of all of the alcohol in the house. You can also contact the support group alanon, it's for family members of alcoholics. Good luck.How do you deal with an alcoholic mother that seems to almost hate you?
get her help
Remember that it's the alcohol talking, not your mom.

Get her off the juice... and then you'll get your mom back.
take her alcohol away and start her on a pruno only drink.
tell her to go to rehab(in a serious way)and talk about her problem
The best bet would be to seek some adult counseling. Second best bet would be to go to some Al-Anon meetings (people related to alcholics) to get some perspective on it. What your mother does is not your fault or really your problem.

(Been there, done that, with a father instead of mother)
juz keep ya head up and neva look down worry about u and if the case iz dat u luv her az a mother then try 2 talk 2 her make the relationship good holl chika
You need to talk to a counselor at school or at your church. Your self image is something that needs to be protected. An alcoholic parent will drag you down, make you feel like their problem is your fault....make you feel that the good times will be followed by bad times - so you will never feel like you can have good times...etc.

Get a book in the library if you can or look this topic up on the internet. I will say a prayer for you. Good luck.
Maybe you can print out some literature for her to look at. Tell her how she is making you feel, tell her that you want to help her and that your there for her. And know that anything that she says should only be taken with a grain of might sting you but she is only hurting herself. Offer to go to AA meetings with her if that would help her.
Talk to a doctor or teacher about this. There is a support group for children of alcoholics no matter of your age. I can't remember the name but I'm sure you can find it if you google it. Good Luck
It's hard baby know she don't hate you she hate herself and the things she 's doing and we drink and do drugs to mask or feelings so instead of saying...Baby I'm sorry for hurting you like this-she'll say mean and evil things.

She's hurting and need help if it get to painful go get you some help tell someone you trust and pray for her and hopefully she'll come around.
I have one... and let me tell you its not fun.. when shes not drunk shes so0 nice and loveable. talk to her about it and she might actually listen to you and go get help. My mom and I have no relationship at all because she drinks to much and i don't want to be around her so it might just end up that there is no hope and you will just have to deal with it for now. Hope everything works out for you.
try to get her to rehab my mom was a alcoholic when I was a child she went to rehab after I was an adult and I finally got to know my mom as a real person not the alcoholic person cussing screaming and acting crazy which I am glad she was so strong to get help after all those years we ended up being extremly close then she just passed away because of cancer but I am happy I got to know her without alcohol in our life.
First of all, its NOT your fault, and this is a disease that can be treated. Join an Alanon group for support. If you are being abused, verbally-physically-emotionally, report it. Please get help for yourself, and try to remember that this is NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!
She needs help. And remember it's not your fault that she drinks, that's her own fault. and when you are uncomfortable, go to a realtive's or a friends hose to get away for a while. You can go to Alateen.
Drink her alcohol before she drinks it

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