Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do i deal with my alcoholic mom?

I am 15 years old, and i have an alcoholic mom. this has been so hard for me, because when i dont do something she wants done right this second she gets overly angry and yells at me and says things about me and my boyfriend and about my dad who has been out of my life since i was a baby, the things that hurt me the most of course. i need help to deal with this, and i need to know what to do. i love her very much when shes not drinking. she will lean over me and call me names and attack me at the worst moments. im feeling so cornered. someone help please?How do i deal with my alcoholic mom?
Check out an al-anon meeting, which is different from AA and meant for the children and loved ones of alcoholics.

School counselor might be a good idea, too. Good luck!How do i deal with my alcoholic mom?
If she's being abusive, the best thing is to call a cop.

Sure it may be heard to do, but you'll be helping her in the long run.

If she's just being crazy, find someone you trust (preferably an older person) and tell them about her.

They might not be able to help but just talking to someone about something can really help relieve some stress.
try talking to her when she's sobber, tell her what she says and does when she's drunk, and how much pain she's putting you through. and/or try looking into al-anon or alateen (google it), it's for relatives living with alcoholic relatives, it's at least a starting point for you. good luck.
get a counselor, and cops to talk to your mom.
Call up someone get help!

put the alcohol down the sink.

Help her along!

Go on the show Find My Family and try look for your dad.

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