Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to deal with alcoholic jerks?

I just want to ask this question, since all of my friends in my closest group are around 15 years old, some older and some the exact age. And we go usually to this cafe bar, which is rather a family gathering place and we have chill outs there. Now for the last few weeks, one alcoholic person (older one, very much older than me) is coming there and started so to say harassing us. He is constantly threatening us with some of his hallucinogenic things and all of my friends are afraid of him and they do everything he tells them (do errands for him, drive his car!, buy him ';weed'; and etc.).

I however, don't know what to do with him since every-time he came I left, but I can't not go out there since this is the only valuable place in the whole neighborhood and I can't think of going somewhere else. So I don't know why my friends are deadly afraid from him, and are afraid of telling their own parents of the matter. I told my father; and he told me that if that guy ever told me a thing, to just call me and he'll break something associated with his body parts.

So what can I do? How to deal with this? Thanks in advance, AlexHow to deal with alcoholic jerks?
just tell him to leave you alone until he is sober.How to deal with alcoholic jerks?
Call the cops on him.
call the police and ask to speak with a detective in narcotics division. tell him what going on and that this stranger is pushing drugs on kids. they will send a undercover agent to set up a sting and this guy that's bothering you will go to jail.
I agree. Call the police. Drunk in public, aaaannnnnndd harassment of a minor is illegal.
Alex, be very careful with this person because he could be truly crazy. Let me tell you something about crazy people...they snap with no warning and that is how bad things happen to young kids like you. If I were you I would have a talk with the owner of the place and have them ask him to leave. I am very Glad you told your father, maybe your dad could also have a talk with the owner as well. I am sure your dad wants to know your hang out is safe and I'm sure the owner would like to keep your business. I hope this turns out well. By the way, I think you are a fantastic friend for telling your dad and letting an adult know what is going on. Your friends will thank you for keeping them safe!
complain to the cops

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