Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dealing with alcoholic mother?

Long story short-my mom and I have been estranged for 4 years. She's an alcoholic who has been in and out of rehab for years. I'm trying to reconcile with her for the sake of my daughter but not sure how to go about dealing with her illness. I'm too busy to go to al anon right now. Does anyone have any suggestions?Dealing with alcoholic mother?
The first line of your question is my story too! I have found this to be true: forgiveness is not an option, but reconciling is. I've chosen to forgive my alcoholic mother (who's never said she's sorry) and realize that alcoholism is a big huge disease that takes a lot of time and love to get through. I've chosen to not reconcile my relationship with her because she's hurtful to me and my kids. I'd rather have my children without a grandmother than to watch her drink herself to death. (my alcoholic father died 3 years ago) I hope you find peace with this.

God BlessDealing with alcoholic mother?
are you 18 you can move out and not talk to her any mor

This can be really hard and confusing. I have a friend whose mother is slowly becoming an alcoholic. You need to keep trying. It may take a while to convince her. But be patient. Call your mom everyday and remind her not to drink alcohol. You could be waiting for a long time, but you will continue to try if you really love your mom. Hope I helped. And I will pray for you and your family.
I say you forgive her but not too sure about getting back into touch; depending on how bad her illness is. If it is something that will cause more damage than good, then just leave it to her to get well...once she does, she will contact you to make amends. Its hard to not have a parent in your life but if its not going to be a healthy relationship then it could be rough. Unless you want to try and help her get that case the roles will reverse and you will be the responsible adult. Be sure you are up for the Challenge.

Best Wishes!

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