Friday, November 19, 2010

How do you deal with an alcoholic mother?

I am 27 now and have been out of the house since 18. I grew up with my mom being a 'user'. @ 16 my parents divorced and my mom quit drinking for 4 years. Then met her now husband and is drinking daily again. She drinks at home, rarely at a bar. Alone or with company. I have an 11 yr. old half sister that I am concerned about because of the things my mom lets her do. She bought her thong underwear, lets her take a drink of alcohol now and then-SWEARING that's the only one. Anyway, I know this isn't right and it's unacceptable. I know my mom has a lot of guilt in her past. I am looking for advice on how maybe to confront her without hurting her feelings..HELP!How do you deal with an alcoholic mother?
Have you ever gone to Alanon? (no idea if that's how you spell it). I think they could help you approach your mom. You're right, it's hard to do this without hurting her feelings. I'd say to do it when you're alone - when no one else is around and when she's not drunk (if she's not always drunk). Tell her that you know she's hurting, and ask her if there is anything you can do to help. Maybe if you tell her that you've seen your sister going down the wrong path, that will help her realize she needs help. But do it without judgment. Be kind and supportive of her.How do you deal with an alcoholic mother?
I had an alcoholic father but luckily I was the only child and was in custody of my mother.

When it comes to a sibling, you absolutely need to say something. You do not want something bad to happen to her because of your mother's bad judgement. Perhaps she has become an unfit mother and it might be best for your half sister to not live with her anymore.

It's harsh, but think of it this way - if something horrible happened to your sister under her care and you said nothing before, could you live with that on your conscience?
i don't have an alcoholic mother, but a close relative of mine does. My relative moved out when she was around that age too. from the time she was vary young she had to give her mom baths, and change her. but with the help of her 2 sisters, they got her in a program. the mom went to a few sober live in homes, but always returned to her old ways. over the years the drinking has become less of a problem. she only drinks once or twice a year. i hope this helps
1, get help for yourself and get some knowsledge about alcoholism.

See link below.

You can't confront her without hurting her feelings!! Don't understand that!! She's a drunk!!
I have given you a web site from Yahoo answers. I think I would research this problem with AA %26amp; try to see if they have a support group or more information that will help you.

Good Luck.

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