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How to deal with Verbal, emotional, and occasional physical abuse when dealing with alcoholic parents?

my parents have had drinking problems ever since i was little. I have been begging my mom to stop drinking for years, and it has even gotten to a point where child protective services has had to get involved. Tonight i confronted my mother and told her that because of her excessive drinking and selfish attitude i thought it to be best that i move out for a while until they get their act together. They cut me down verbally for one hour, being drunk, and although this is nothing new, my feelings are really hurt, and they just laughed at me. They called me stupid and many other awful things that i honestly believe parents should not call their children. I am devistated and i dont know how to deal with this.How to deal with Verbal, emotional, and occasional physical abuse when dealing with alcoholic parents?
i am sorry u are having to deal with this.... first know it is NOT yr fault.. ive dealt with alcoholic mom since i can remember..she is my best friend when she isnt drunk...but scares me when she is..... if they wont seek help... then u need to get yrself out of the situation if u are able... i know its hard. ive been there. but you have to consider yrself in this ...and what is best for u. please....remember this and grow from them and use them as an example as to what NOT to do.. i knw there are alot of churches that have aa groups for ppl who have ppl in there life that drink..maybe u should look into thart...its called alinon. i hope i helped some... best of luck to uHow to deal with Verbal, emotional, and occasional physical abuse when dealing with alcoholic parents?
There is a society that looks after family, siblings of alcoholics. Forgot its name but contact the nearest AA, they will refer you further. Dr Phil McGraw's website, might also have a link.

Wow im soo sorry :/ If I was in your place I would talk to my grandparents about it and even if they live far away go live with them!! that would prove to your parents that you are over it and sick and tired of them not caring about you. You should just leave for a friends or family members house and leave them a note. Say how they have made you feel and how your sick of it and dont need them in your life anymore. Parents are supposed to be there for their kids not laugh in their face. It may sound rude but ditch your parents they obviously shouldnt have had kids if they dont know how to take care of them
I lock myself in my room to deal with my alcoholic mother.

its all i can do until im old enough to get a job and move out.

talk to someone, school consellor, friend, relative.

talking can help.

it's sad so many people have to go trough this

be strong, you're a better person for their mistakes.
My parents drank and did other...substances...I couldn't tell you what to do, I just tried to avoid them as much as I could with it until I turned eighteen and moved out. I wouldn't recommend that though as I think it messed me up socially. You could try talking to a teacher but that might get you in more hot water with your parents and if you have to stay in the house you don't want that. I hope you can find someone to trust and hang around them, and try to avoid your parents. I really wish you luck, I know it sucks.
Hey I'm not gonna go into details about what I went through, but I also had an alcoholic father. It got really bad at times. There where times when I wanted to give up, my confidence was destroyed. On the outside I looked fine but inside my heart was broken. I also have 4 siblings, but when things got really bad it was only my brother and I at home all my other siblings where grown up and gone. My dad started drinking heavily and things just started falling apart. My dad was really hard on my brother and he was in his teenage years, and now he is a mess. I was about 10, so I was pretty young but sometimes the memories from that time can still almost bring me to tears. I know things are difficult, and I know you may want to rebel or give up... DON'T! You gotta know in your heart and mind that you are great, and your gonna go far. Do well in school and be active in sports or band just find an extra curricular activity. Please don't turn to drugs or alcohol. Just motovate yourself to do well, self motovation can get you through anything! Trust me!
Do you have any other member in the family that can intervine? Like an aunt or grandparents.? Tell them about the situation and maybe you can move with them and also they can discuss with your parents the reason why you are leaving home. I dont think you should stay with them. They have an issue, and lot of time its caused by low selfsteem. If u stay with them, it will bring you too many emotional problems etc.. also cause you low selfsteem or depresion.

Let me tell you this,,, Your parents unfortunatelly are addicted and as far as i understand, if they didnt look for help when u were younger, they are not going to do it now.. ALthough its hard to say this,, its their choice to leave their lives in such a pain, but you dont have to live the same pain.... GET OUT.... if they are living a hell in their world due to alcoholism, you dont have to be living the same pain with them, even though u are their child. GET OUT.. ask for help like I said to a relative or somebody you trust. Sweetie... dont let that stop ur future. Study, get good grades. Go to college,, Its the only way u can become economically independant and leave that enviroment. DONT STAY THERE.... i know u must love ur parents, but they are not acting like a parent will do.. Dont judge them, love them and respect them but dont let them distroy you. God knows that you love ur parents, but he said.. Love ur neightbore as much as u love urself.. it means that you must love urself firts in order to love ur neightbore, which in this case are ur parents... So look for help.

I send u a hug and remember,, life will not be like this forever.. make sure everyday you work hard to make ur future different from ur parents..

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