Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How would you deal with an alcoholic co-worker....?

who sometimes drink on the job? I've told her its wrong and she concurs yet she comes to work and other people notice the smell. I fear for her safety and would feel horrible if she does it again and hurts herself/someone else.

Would you rat her out? Why or why not?How would you deal with an alcoholic co-worker....?
I would anonymously write a letter to the person in charge and bring it to their attention. I had the same situation at a job once. Luckily another person ';ratted'; them out, but I would have if they hadn't. It would have been horrible if they had hurt or killed someone and I knew about it and did nothing.How would you deal with an alcoholic co-worker....?
Have her fired if it is that much of a problem.
See if there's a program at work that deals with rehabilitation. Some companies offer that kind of help. If not, and you have already talked to her, turn her in. You didn't say what kind of work you do, but if there is any danger of being hurt or hurting someone else in the process, it's time for her to go. Wouldn't you feel bad if she did hurt someone or you?
yes. because she is a danger to her self and every one else around her.
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