Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do you think a book about my experience in dealing with an alcoholic husband would sell?

My husband is a sober alcoholic now. I married and lived with the active alcoholic in him for 13 years. I'm still married to him now 15 years. Do you think a book about my life dealing with his problem would sell books or do you think there are enough books out there about the disease and nobody would care about how the wife of an alcoholic dealt with it.Do you think a book about my experience in dealing with an alcoholic husband would sell?
The spouse and/or children's (of an alcoholic) story is rarely told, and I would be interested in how you survived 13 years. Be sure to have his approval to write the book, as it would be shameful to him to expose his most ugliest times, if he is truly trying to recover. On the flip note, make it about your struggle and how you coped and what advice you would give to others. Deglorify drinking and its effects on people around that person. Show how you grew into a better person because of your struggle with life. And be sure to end (or start) with happiness because that will remain with the reader long after the details will. Good luck!Do you think a book about my experience in dealing with an alcoholic husband would sell?
well, he is in VIETNAM with another girl, i guess for a vacation. but yeah. he is coming back on august something. he's spending th whole summer with her and he's 18. so he's basically legally to do anything

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I think many of us are dealing with the same ... I'd buy it!
Yes, nowadays, people will buy ANYTHING.
Depends on HOW you write it-

If its inspirational, sure, it can sell-

If its a ';pity'; book, or a ';technical'; book on alcoholism, I doubt it-

Best of luck!
sure if it shows what pitfalls you and he had, why not, it will be s self help book, plus it gives you a chance to do some healing putting you words on paper and bring closure that part of your life that you dealt with and stuck through it...Good Luck, God bless
well im only 22 years. My father WAS an alcoholic and put my mother through alot. I believe that if you do choose to write about it. The book would sell. Im sure it would. It would be interesting to know how you dealt with it for 13 years. And how the last 2 years have been where he was not drinking. So my answer is yes.
I probably would not buy it. It sounds as if you survived, learned to live with it, or what every you want to call it. Also you did not say if any children were involved and how they turned out.

I would think about it if there was something unique that you did to get him to see the light after 13 years. So you would really have to grab my attention, otherwise, sorry.....
There are a LOT of books out there on this same subject, so if you DO decide to write it, be sure to make it unique. A catchy title and/or cover always helps draw people's eyes to it while looking on the shelves, too.
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