Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do I deal with an alcoholic emotionally abusive father?

My father has lost his job and a girlfriend and had turned to the bottle to cope. Since he has started drinking his health has went downhill, he has lost alot of his friends and he is losing me as well. I cannot stand the emotional stress that this is causing and it has even manefested into physical conditions like heart palpitaions. I don't know how to tell him hat what he's doing is hurting not only him but everyone around him. Please, if anyone has ideas on what me and my brother should do, let me know?How do I deal with an alcoholic emotionally abusive father?
If your father only recently started abusing alcohol, he may have absolutely no idea that he is harming you with his behavior or that he is even an alcoholic. My advice? Wait until he is sober and print out the information provided in the links below. Then be sure to tell him how his behavior makes you feel.

If that doesn't help, you and your brother will have to seek help from a trusted adult. You guys are too young to have to put up with this on your own. Good luck and God bless.How do I deal with an alcoholic emotionally abusive father?
you should talk to him, tell him how you feel about this situation, and eventually help him to cope with his lost. i know how difficult it can be but your brother and you are the only persons who can help him out. take care
I haven't really had to deal with a problem like that before but i would suggest maybe like an intervention or something catch him when he's sober get as many people that care about him together lock him in a room and tell him whats going on how everybody feels about what hes doing or just catch him while hes sober and tell him individually how you feel.
If talking doesn't work, try other family members or friends??

It isn't safe. Be aware of yourself and brother.

You gotta step up and take charge.
Your father has to be responsible for himself, It is after all, only he who can seek help and support from all the professionals who will try to set him straight on HIS problems.

Why on earth (I don't know how old you are) you are even thinking (except that he is your father and you are no doubt a loving child) you are jeopardising yourself because he is either to depressed or to spiteful to see what his behaviour is doing to those around him.

Look for organisations who can help him and encourage him to make contact with them, that is as much as I feel your able to achieve...........unless of course you are a qualified doctor, rehabilitation specialist and councillor.
Maybe talk to a mental health agency in your county for some help.

If he has a doctor, he should go.

How old are you?

If you are a minor you can do things, but they are not so nice.

If you are a minor the government does not want you to be abused.

But they will treat your father agressively and take you away.

Best to talk with a doctor first.
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