Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do I deal with an alcoholic, destructive roomate?

I've had enough of this ****... he almost broke my 360 tonight when I was playing Halo 3. Fell on the internet cord and dragged it while the disk was spinning. I told him TWO WEEKS ago that I wanted him to move out...nobody has done ****.

I have disconnected my xbox for the night so in case he spills water all over it it won't happen. I don't mind drinking but seriously this **** has got to end. I've told my RA and him several times to get the hell out. I would've called security but as I am 21 and he is 20 (and I have 12 beers in my mini-fridge) I would've been caught. I don't know what to do.How do I deal with an alcoholic, destructive roomate?
Who is the head of all the RA's ? Find out and then go to your RA one more time to give him/her one last chance to rectify the problem. Your RA is not only doing you a disservice by allowing such a stressful environment to continue when you should be concentrating on your studies, but also your roommate needs professional help before he either flunks or, more worrisome, that he either harms himself or others.

After telling your RA this is his/her last opportunity to do their job correctly, if there is no action by the very next day I would go immediately to the Head Honcho of RA's.

GOOD LUCK !!How do I deal with an alcoholic, destructive roomate?
hide the beers than tell your RA..lol
You need to move out, even if your name is on the lease. He can get you into a lot of trouble.

I had a roommate just like yours once, it is not worth it, he will not change, and it is not your responsibility to try to change him
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numer one-clean up your own act If you are at college for real, you dont need to have beer in your dorm nor should you If you want to just drink, you can do it anywhere. Dont preach to others about their behaviour if yours is illegal or out of control Look at him You could be him next. Reflect and decide how you want your college young productive years to be- a regret ?....or a foundation where you had fun -safely and in moderation while working hard getting ahead in this world This is not a trial.This is the real thing.

Trust me, others will pass you on this road to success if you dont get serious and leave you coughing with the dust in your eyes.

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