Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to deal with an alcoholic?

I'm meeting my brother today who has recently come out of rehab for alcohol abuse. he's been sober now for 19 days. Taking him to see a movie then a curry. Do you think I should refrain from having a beer myself. Also do you think its a good idea to go into a pub/bar or should these temptations be avoided?How to deal with an alcoholic?
If he's only been abstinent for 19 days, then he's still in the early, early days and yes, you should avoid drinking in front of him and you should not bring him to a pub or bar.

This will not be the case forever, believe me, but right now, yes, you need to respect that he is in a difficult place and doesn't need to have temptation placed right in front of him.How to deal with an alcoholic?
Give him some anti freeze.
when you take him for a meal, see that he has just half of a pint, with you, that way he will feel comfortable , especially beign around you. As for avoiding bars, it might be good to do that , but just don't let him know that your trying to do it, because this might make him feel like he can't stay away on his own, of which he will think about having a drink to clear his thoughts.
AVOID! don't even talk about it. If the subject comes up be kind and move yo another subject, his life is more important than a drink.
I would say aviod...
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