Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do you deal with an alcoholic friend and roomate?

My longtime friend and current roomate is an alcoholic. I've discussed it with him many times and I know he wants to stop. He occasionally goes a week or two without drinking, but always comes back to it. At one point, he didn't drink for 7 years, so I know he can do it, but that ended about 6 years ago, not long after I met him.

I've tried everything I can think of to help him quit, but nothing has worked as well as I would hope. I know it will be extremely hard for him to quit, what can I do to help him?How do you deal with an alcoholic friend and roomate?
if you cant beat em join emHow do you deal with an alcoholic friend and roomate?
Well find him a hobby, then a job he likes.
You should make clear that you do not approve his/ hers behavior and try to change to another roommate!
You can take him to Alcohol Anonymous A world wise organization

and must attend 30 meetings non stop.
tell him you care about him and you want whats best for him and suggest that he goes for re hab. Reassure him that you will be for him no matter what and he has got your support but he needs to get help
Find an Al-anon group in your area. They have groups for

families and friends of alcoholics. They will give you

counseling that will help you deal with your friend so that you

won't enable him. Plus, it helps to know other people that

have the same problems and worries and learn how they

There is no way unless he determine to stop himself.

I feel that he is just giving excuses.

No one made he drink or buy alcohol at gun point.

He did it himself, he will not die if he don't drink.

I personally feel that you should let go this friendship.

Just leave him alone, move out.

That's the kind of life he wanted, but not you, right?

No point helping, as he is likely to go back after some time.

Don't waste your time.
If he wants help.

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