Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to deal with an alcoholic business owner?

The owner of our business doesn't come in very often, but he calls us from home and complains about everything that culd go wrong, even if it hasn't happened yet. He does this several times a day and it's worse when he has been drinking. He wastes a couple hours per day of peoples' time by doing this. Is there some tactful way to tell him to get off the sauce and let his business operate?How to deal with an alcoholic business owner?
At least he isn't hanging over your shoulder drunk. Do you get paid on time?

Maybe you could subtly tell him you don't have time to talk, you need to get your work done and you'll call him back just before closing.How to deal with an alcoholic business owner?
That's a tough question. Are there any senior managers you could talk to?

If he's the sole owner, it's going to be tough changing the situation unless his family has an intervention or something and persuades him to go into rehab.

Otherwise, all I can suggest is to get phones with caller ID displays and don't answer the phone when he calls.
Unfortunately, no there is not. Alcoholism is a horrible disease, and looking on the bright side, it is better that he is staying at home, rather than driving to work tanked, and possibly hurting someone.

Remember, this is his business, not the employees. If you see the company starting to faulter, then it is time for you to look for another job, and when asked why you are leaving, that would be the time to tell him the truth.

Good luck, and I can't imagine being in that situation.
That's really difficult -- most people with drinking problems really don't like being told they have a drinking problem. Is there any way you can set some boundaries with him without mentioning his drinking? In Al-anon they talk about detaching with love and taking care of ourselves rather than enabling the alcoholic. (It's nearly impossible to get another person to stop drinking -- they have to want to do it themselves -- sometimes they have to hit bottom before they are willing to admit they have a problem.) So, I wouldn't mention his drinking but just set the boundaries you need to feel comfortable.
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